Trademark Preparation and Prosecution

Bilicki Law‘s trademark attorneys work closely with our clients’ marketing vice presidents and managers to determine which trademarks to protect, whether they are word marks, logos, composite marks, or industrial designs, and in which countries to protect them, so the marks selected represent the best repositories for the client’s substantial goodwill.

We develop strategies for the selection and clearance of marks under consideration and provide our clients with thorough and practical advice with respect to brand building and protection, as well as product marking, generation of marketing literature, usage of trademarks on websites, and use of domain names as trademarks.

Comprehensive Services

In addition to preparing and prosecuting trademark applications, we counsel clients with famous marks and high-value products and services in dealing with dilution, gray market issues, counterfeiting, and unauthorized use of their trademarks.

We also enforce our clients’ trademark rights in the U.S., in the context of opposition and cancellation proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and conduct infringement litigation and domain name dispute proceedings in the U.S. and around the world.

Experienced Representation

We apply our international experience to counsel our multinational corporate clients in the selection of foreign-language marks, including translation and transliteration marks. Finally, we provide our clients with cost-effective policing strategies that include the retention of watch services, and the registration of marks with Customs and Border Control to ensure that counterfeit and infringing goods are seized at the border before damage, in the form of lost sales and dilution, can occur.

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