Trade Secrets

Protecting your trade secrets is essential to the strength and survival of your business. Bilicki Law‘s legal and technological experience allows us to assist our clients in developing stringent security measures, so employees and contractors know how to guard against the disclosure of this secret information. We also have the experience to litigate if a trade secret is ever misappropriated.

Our attorneys have earned degrees in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, and biochemistry. Our range and depth of knowledge allow us to address technical issues for clients in industries like LED lighting, solenoid valves, RFID technology, medical devices, and packaging technologies.

Protecting Trade Secrets From Within

Vitally important to the preservation of trade secrets and other confidential information is the establishment of internal security measures. Our attorneys advise clients in the protection of trade secrets in relation to employees through use of several measures, including:

Preparing employment agreements — These non-compete and non-disclosure agreements are essential and most likely expected by new employees as part of onboarding procedures. A poorly worded non-disclosure agreement or non-compete could lead to employees knowingly or unknowingly stealing trade secrets.

Establishing procedures for new and departing employees — Determine how trade secrets will be guarded when attrition is a normal part of business.

Plans to ensure guidelines are followed post-implementation — We also provide counsel to ensure that, once instituted, the client’s officers, managers, directors, and supervisors follow all security measures with respect to trade secrets.

Rules for working with contractors and other nonemployees — The preservation of trade secrets is at issue when work often requires hiring nonemployees. We routinely prepare agreements setting forth independent contractors’ and other companies’ obligations with respect to the client’s trade secrets and other confidentiality obligations.

Divulged trade secrets can be devastating to a company. The consequences can include damage to you and your livelihood, but also lengthy litigation, lost revenue, lost market share, devaluation of stock, and perhaps the worst consequence is the loss of the intellectual property itself that made your business unique and profitable in the first place.

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