IP Portfolio Management

The dedicated attorneys at Bilicki Law manage, develop, and evaluate patent portfolios for manufacturing companies, start-ups, and non-profit institutions, to ensure that their portfolios and business objectives are in alignment. We assess both existing and developing patent portfolios, so business plans can be built on and around products with strong IP protection that avoids infringement and creates value.

We work with our clients to identify and prioritize assets; to donate or even abandon assets to reduce costs; to identify acquisitions to strengthen or expand an existing portfolio; and we offer recommendations to license technologies or sell marginal assets to generate revenue. Furthermore, we partner with local counsel on IP issues in numerous jurisdictions, particularly in Europe and Asia, so that we may help our clients protect their patents around the world.

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The experienced attorneys at Bilicki Law have assisted clients in managing their intellectual property assets for more than 25 years. This means we know how to strategize to help you protect those IP assets. We always look to the future to see beyond today’s needs and think about what lies ahead. Call us to discuss your portfolio management needs at 716-664-5600. You may also contact us via email to arrange for a consultation.