Due Diligence Investigations

Due diligence is an essential aspect of any investment, merger, or acquisition. When intellectual property issues are involved and, in particular, when they are driving the transaction, clients or their corporate counsel can count on Bilicki Law to identify and evaluate the strength of the patent portfolios to be acquired, so that clients understand their value as well as appreciate opportunities and risks.

We work directly with our clients to establish specific goals for each due diligence investigation, eliminating outdated IP assets, while focusing greater attention on identifying and evaluating those IP assets essential to the client’s operations.

Our deep bench allows us to cost-effectively ensure that the crown jewels of the seller’s IP assets, corresponding to the business unit being purchased, are being transferred to our client and not hidden within the seller’s other corporate entities or owned by seller’s representatives having no duty to assign IP assets to the seller. We gather and synthesize asset information quickly, so we can alert a client of the risks of assets escaping transfer for the negotiated purchase price, and of the need to take appropriate action should our client require the hidden or overlooked IP assets.

Put Our Experience And Knowledge To The Test

If you have a series of patents to be managed or protected during a merger, acquisition or other business transaction, the skilled and experienced attorneys at Bilicki Law can help. We offer a wide variety of services that provide you with more than just strong legal counsel, they provide solutions to your most complex intellectual property issues.

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