USPTO Practice

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is a federally-run government agency protected by the U.S. Constitution. Its goals are to promote innovation and to protect the best interests of America’s entrepreneurs and inventors. All U.S. patents are processed through this office.

Detailed protocol must be followed to successfully secure utility and design patents, and since 1993, the attorneys of Bilicki Law have confidently guided clients through each phase of the legal process to increase their chances of successfully securing a patent.

Navigating The Complexities Of The Patent System

Bilicki Law understands the in-depth processes necessary to file and uphold key patents. All of our attorneys are licensed to represent clients before the USPTO and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). We regularly assist clients with all-types of interactions with the USPTO, including:

  • Searching the USPTO patent database to identify areas of conflict
  • Drafting patents that can withstand litigation
  • Presenting patents before the USPTO
  • Representing clients before the PTAB
  • Proactively checking the status of pending patents
  • Filing for patent reexaminations or reissues

All of our lawyers hold additional degrees in engineering and the sciences. We understand the intricacies of many complex industries and can present your case to the USPTO in the specialized language of your field.

Legal Representation Across The Country

A New York-based law firm, we have attorneys stationed across the United States. Our lawyers are strategically located near USPTO locations so that we can efficiently and effectively check the status of pending patents and immediately address issues. We understand how important secure patents are to our clients’ business success, and strongly advocate on their behalf.

While the bulk of our work involves the USPTO, we partner with lawyers around the world to obtain international patents. As we work on your patent domestically, we can identify other countries in which your company should strategically file patents. Currently, our firm can facilitate international patents in nearly 150 countries worldwide.

Contact Our Firm For Skilled Legal Representation

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