Opposition and Cancellation Proceedings

There are many reasons a trademark may be opposed or cancelled: It may be too similar to another registered trademark and cause consumer confusion; it could be too generic or even too “scandalous;” or the mark may have been abandoned by its owner.

Much like a lawsuit held in federal court, opposition and cancellation proceedings are presented before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), with one important difference: the latter is often presented solely in writing. So if, for example, a company discovers a trademark that could cause them harm by diluting their brand, they could indeed oppose the mark before the TTAB themselves. However, if the notice is not properly drafted, it may be dismissed, which is why you should always engage a skilled legal team to assist you.

Let Us Protect Your Business’s Good Name

The trademark attorneys of Bilicki Law are expert at writing and presenting notices of opposition and cancellation. We have a thorough understanding of the Lanham Act, a federal statute that regulates the commercial use of trademarks, and are well-acquainted with the complex rules of the TTAB.

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