Bilicki Law regularly drafts and reviews secure contracts for clients. We provide assistance to our clients with carefully worded non-disclosure, non-compete and other employee agreements to protect your intellectual property and keep you ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, involved parties can deliberately and sometimes accidentally breach the terms of their contract, jeopardizing your company’s IP assets.

The attorneys of Bilicki Law are skilled negotiators and litigators. If a contract is breached, our legal team can quickly mobilize to enforce the terms of your contract and protect your company’s best interests.

Skilled At Contract Enforcement And Defending Breach Of Contract Claims

Our sophisticated trial lawyers can address your complex contract litigation needs whether you are accused of breaching a contract or require expeditious contract enforcement. Our goal is always to address your contract dispute with as little business interruption and frustration to you as possible. Protecting your company’s interests in contract disputes is always at the forefront of our approach. In any case we represent, we will either negotiate a settlement or litigate on your behalf depending upon the best strategy for you.

Qualified Representation Across The United States

Bilicki Law is based in New York, but we provide qualified representation for clients across the country. Our lawyers are spread out across the United States, and we can effectively address our clients’ cases internationally, wherever they may occur. Bilicki Law‘s attorneys can represent cases in state and federal court, as well as the court of appeals.

We can also facilitate legal support if your dispute occurs outside of U.S. borders, as Bilicki Law partners with lawyers around the globe to ensure that our clients’ international business needs are enforced with the same diligence that they are domestically.

Contact Our Accomplished Trial Attorneys For Support

Bilicki Law has successfully resolved complex contract litigation for clients since 1993. We provide the experience and diligence that clients can rely on.

Call our Jamestown office at 716-664-5600 to schedule a meeting with the lawyers of Bilicki Law. You may also contact our firm online.