Areas of Expertise

While our knowledge of several industries and technologies is both broad and deep, there are a few fields in which the attorneys at Bilicki Law specialize.

LED Lighting/Optics

LED-based products are poised to replace legacy light sources in virtually all general lighting applications, both indoors and outdoors, while also finding substantial use in many other applications ranging from vehicular headlamps and medical lighting to televisions and clothing.‎ It has been estimated that the worldwide lighting market will grow to approximately $159 billion by 2020.

The intellectual property lawyers at Bilicki Law have decades of experience in representing the worldwide leader in the manufacture and sale of LED lighting products for the heavy duty truck transportation, lighting and safety market‎, yet we also represent cutting edge companies in the indoor and outdoor LED market segments.

In addition to preparing and successfully prosecuting scores of LED lighting patent applications in the U.S. and abroad, and litigating infringement actions involving such technology, we attend the LED lighting industry’s trade shows and technical conferences and read the latest technical literature. In short, we speak your language.

This total immersion in LED lighting technology translates into quicker and more comprehensive patentability opinions, more enforceable patents, and more reliable freedom to operate and clearance opinions, all at lower cost, as our lawyers already have climbed a significant portion of the LED lighting technology’s steep learning curve.

For legal assistance in the LED lighting and optics industry, please contact Byron A. Bilicki. We would look forward to‎ learning about your company, its LED lighting technology, and working with your engineers, scientists, and management team.

Medical Systems – Software/Hardware, Image Analytics

The field of medical analytics is growing rapidly. Specifically, the market integrates hardware and software with medical devices and complex medical systems to provide analytical and machine learning adaptations. The software and/or applications are used in the operations of the imaging modalities, as well as in the analysis of complex medical images from diverse patient pools. In particular, the medical image analytics market is based on utilizing different imaging instrumentation and digital image analysis techniques to target and implement measures to assist with medical diagnoses and treatments. Meaningful information is extracted, algorithms modified and adjusted for use in clinical practice and clinical applications.

Bilicki Law has recruited the expertise of James Cairns to provide the in-house support of large scale entities seeking the knowledge and skill set to draft, prosecute, and enforce IP protections in this space, as well as entry level clients seeking out a niche IP space in the vastly growing IP landscape, including facilitating collaborations and contractual engagements. From operational software based systems to predictive analytics used in medical image interpretation and analysis, Mr. Cairns advises on patent, trademark/service mark protections, copyright, and trade secrets within the healthcare technology space in biomedical engineering to electronic controls of such systems, and the software that supports complex operations of the imaging modalities and electronic systems. The firm further assists all clients in monetizing specific IP in these and other specialty areas.

Life Sciences

The field of life sciences has evolved across the industry to embrace exponential changes in the way technology is recognized and implemented. Life sciences research and clinical care rely on not only the R&D work and drug discovery work of pharmaceutical companies, but also on the way researchers and clinicians work, conduct research, innovate, manufacture, and distribute products to meet consumer expectations.

Bilicki Law has redirected efforts to encompass the revolutionary practices and measures that lay foundations for future discoveries in the fields of life sciences and biomedical innovation. While the U.S. looks to capitalize on opportunities brought about by further regulatory enhancements and impacts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, the firm has added the expertise of James Cairns to focus on clients who look to drive digital transformation of foundational concepts, and those who seek operational excellence while focusing on improved business outcomes across the life sciences industry. Mr. Cairns supports the movement of data, information, and knowledge to facilitate advances necessary to maintain high standards toward the digitized transformation of client analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning to allow clients to better interact with patients, health care providers, and supply chain efficiency, safety, and quality.

Proportional Solenoid Valves For Medical

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Optics/Image Processing For Mobile Devices

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Over the past 25 years, Bilicki Law has developed several areas of specialization, either through our work with long-time clients in a specific industry or by recruiting an attorney with a career devoted to a particular technology. Because of our deep knowledge in these particular areas, we are already engrained in the details of your business and can generate legal solutions quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money and getting the results you desire.

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