Brand reputation is of the utmost importance to any company, no matter the size or industry. It is what customers come to trust and associate with superior quality and service. So when counterfeiters threaten the value of a client’s brand, Bilicki Law attorneys step in.

Comprehensive Anti-Counterfeiting And Anti-Piracy Assistance

From conducting initial research and protest of infringing uses to handling litigation before federal courts or the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), our lawyers are committed to protecting our clients’ good names.

Our anti-counterfeiting and antipiracy efforts include: investigations and preliminary injunctions, registering marks with Customs and Border Protection, take down procedures, computer forensic analysis, and working with our clients to develop internal and external programs to safeguard their brand. Additionally, we partner with trained anti-counterfeiting investigators to combat intellectual property violations filed against our clients.

Protection On A Global Scale

While many counterfeiting outfits are located in other countries, outside of the United States’ jurisdictional boundaries, the attorneys at Bilicki Law can assist you in taking legal action and seeking recovery for lost revenue. As part of our international services, we work with a network of highly skilled and experienced intellectual property lawyers across Europe and Asia, who will seek remedy in foreign courts on your behalf.

Contact Our Dedicated Attorneys For Thorough Counsel

The Bilicki Law team can provide legal advice on select trademark issues or comprehensive IP legal support throughout the life of your company. To learn how we can help you, contact our Jamestown office at 716-664-5600, or contact us online to schedule a consultation.