Patent Litigation

Bilicki Law has successfully represented leading companies in high-stakes patent infringement litigation in jury trials, bench trials, and on appeal to the Federal Circuit. On behalf of patentees, we’ve obtained permanent injunctions, damages awards, and attorneys’ fees awards, as well as negotiated successful settlements against infringers. On behalf of alleged infringers, we have avoided the imposition of preliminary injunctions, lawsuits before they were filed, and negotiated successful settlement agreements.

In each case, we work closely with our client to determine which forum offers the most advantages in terms of speed to trial and lowest cost to resolution. We perform thorough pre-litigation infringement and validity investigations, carefully orchestrate discovery, develop winning trial strategies, choose expert witnesses, anticipate arguments of opposing counsel and, equally as important, effectively manage litigation costs.

Attorneys With Industry Knowledge And The Courtroom Experience You Need

Each Bilicki Law attorney holds an undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in science or engineering and has in-depth knowledge of a variety of industries, from automated packaging technology to medical devices to vehicular lighting. While we are highly effective in court, often we are able to obtain successful results before trial, ensuring considerable cost savings for our clients. Solutions we have crafted for our clients include, licensing, companion proceedings before the USPTO, settlement and other litigation alternatives, including mediation. Whichever resolution we seek, your needs and best interests always come first.

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The attorneys at Bilicki Law have the industry knowledge to understand what you want to protect. We also have the education and trial experience to litigate your case and protect your assets. Call our headquarters in Jamestown to discuss your patent litigation matter at 716-664-5600, or email our law firm. Start protecting your patents today.