Counseling And Opinions

Patent litigation actions and legal fees top, on average, $2 million in the defense of a typical patent infringement action through a first-impression jury trial. At Bilicki Law, we work to ensure that our clients are safe from allegations of patent infringement as they bring a product to market.

Why Businesses Turn To Bilicki Law

Our clients come to us for comprehensive clearance opinions and advice on design-around issues, patent validity, enforceability, misuse, licensing potential, export controls, and intellectual property contract construction and enforcement, whether for a single patent or product, or for an entire portfolio of patents or product line. Our litigation experience enables us to deliver opinions that provide clients with clear and concise guidance, notwithstanding the legal and factual complexities that often exist.

Bilicki Law attorneys also have extensive experience with IP issues in Europe and Asia, and our legal affiliates around the world offer insight and guidance on IP challenges specific to individual countries. These partnerships allows us to advise our clients on patent issues from a global perspective.

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Since 1993, Bilicki Law has been a trusted name in intellectual property law, known for the solutions we create, the professionalism we show inside and outside the courtroom, and our dedication to protecting our clients’ IP assets across the country and the world.

To speak with one of our experienced intellectual property lawyers, we encourage you to contact our firm to schedule a meeting. Call our Jamestown office at 716-664-5600 or contact Bilicki Law online.